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Calculator locker Pro Plus Hide Photo videos Chat application for those people who want to hide their data from others. We all know that mobile is like our personal thing in which we store our personal data.
And we do not want to share this data with others. But some friends forcefully check our mobile without our permission. So, now no need to worry about it. Pro Calculator locker is basically images videos and other phones documents hiding Apps. It provides you a highly secure place for locking your images photos and videos files. You can also add your Apps and other phone services to it.



how it works

How Calculator locker Pro Plus works 

You will love Calculator locker Pro Plus functionality

calculator app uses for hiding something into mobile phones. Nowadays its trend that every person firstly check your mobile phone and your personal data like videos photos voices etc. But now you do have not to worry about it. Because this calculator app pro version provides you full security for your personal data and other documents.

The calculator app totally looks like with calculator and the best thing is it also works as a calculator so no one can understand that it’s a locker or calculator.

Secure locker with Pro Features

Smooth and Easy use for Alls

Easily understandable options

No Way to paid For Any Options

Years of experience in Calculator app lock

Calculator app lock provides you a highly secure method of hiding your personal details. how no one can understand that where is your data is hidden. you can now add your phone ever personal details and photos into it.

All Andriod Phone users easily can install it.

Playstore Published Application For easy install.

Free Space for adding your Secret or personal Photos.

Calculator app lock gives you the security of your Personal Data.

All Types of media now you can hide into the Calculator App locker.

Free Access for All types of services into the Calculator app locker.

Features Of  Calculator App Locker

The Right Time tool for you

APK Calculator locker Pro Plus Means mobile and Application. The means you can use it on your cell phone without any problem facing it.

Easy understandable for the user

simple options for easy to use

No Fees Required for any service

mobile web

Easy and Secure

yes, it’s fully free for a lifetime. You can use this application service. without any tension. It’s an easy and fully free application. some other applications are also free for a lifetime. but those applications that have not fully functioned are free to use, in this application you can use all the services free for a lifetime. Moreover, if you are facing any type of trouble due to any functional problem then you can contact us via the play store.

Calculator app lock play store

when someone needs any type of application. Firstly that users search on the play store for that application and same like this our application is also available to the play store because it’s a trusted and fully secure platform for mobile android applications. How many other applications are also available on the play store now the main thing is how to choose the best application for your android cell phone.

It’s a long debate because all the other applications also have good and best features but they do have not all the same features. Some applications include free features but they have put many ads into it. which creates many problems. And some applications have few ads but they ask firstly to buy the pro version of the application. But in our application, we have all the free options and a full pro version. Moreover, our application has fewer ads which are cant create any trouble for users.

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Calculator lock mod apk!

Apk always uses for the mobile application bundles and its means if someone searches about apk. Then the user wants any android application setup and our application is fully apk which means you can easily run into your cell phone.

Moreover, if you have still facing any issue with our application then you can re-install it. some times due to many running applications into the background the application didn’t work perfectly on the cell phone. So, it’s a suggestion that firstly optimize your cell phone then run the calculator locker apk.



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Unlimited Space For Hiding Data

A calculator locker is basically a hidden locker for android mobiles. In which you can place your photos and much more things. it’s easy to use and easy to understand that how you can use it. Many of the apps are available related to this app. But Calculator locker is the best application for android mobile because it’s shaped like Calculator. So no one can trick that it’s a locker.


time management

No Required Payment Details

it is a pro version in which you can use all the options and all the services freely. So, Now you do have not to worry about buying any other things. It’s a fully safe and secure place for hiding your personal data. Otherwise, you can also use its other functions in which you can use most other services.Pro version calculator locker is now free to use. In this application, you can hide your Mobile images photos, and much more things without any pricing payment. All the options are free to use.


Secure method For Save Photos

it’s easy to use Calculator locker Pro Plus because you have to just download it from the google play store. and install it into the mobile. After that, you have to open this application and set your password which you want to use to re-open your secret place. One more thing if you forget or don’t remember your password then you can use by default password which is 0000. Support Files and Media by Calculator locker Pro Plus Hide Photo videos Chat.


Is there a free trial?

You have not worried about the trailer or payment for using this application. Because it’s totally free for a lifetime. Calculator locker Pro Plus Hide Photo videos Chat Support all types of photo formats in which common JPG PNG and other similar to this formats. Moreover, you can hide your documents files and videos files easy. All the different files folders are available. Audio files are also important in mobile phones. So you can also add audio files into this locker.

How can I cancel my subscription?

You can Not Cancel the Subscription because it’s a totally free application for all of the Andriod users. Moreover, if you have any problem with using the application then you can contact customer support.

What happens when my subscription ends?

Subscription Ends that time when you subscribe to any application. this application is totally free. So you have not need any further explanations.

How do I register?

No Need for registration for using this application. you have just need to set up your password and you can use this application.

How am I protected?

Your Whole Data and all the secret documents and all the other media files are hidden into the password secure place. So no one can be accessed at that time when he or she does not know the password for opening this calculator.

Are there any offers?

No, we do have not an offer.

Do you offer support?


Where is your head office?

we are an online website which is an you can find all the details on it. Moreover, our customer support is also available on this site.

Can I provide feedback?

Yes, you can also Provide feedback through play store 5 Starts. if you like our application then you can start us through play store.



Calculator locker Pro Plus is a free Android Application that you can use for hiding your personal data and other types of records. You can easily install this application from play store.


Photo Locker.

Video Locker.

Audio and all the mobile files locker.


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