Calculator locker apk download

calculator locker app downloads for all types of android mobile phones. Its means now you can enjoy premium features for free. All the given options and all the services are available in the calculator locker apk you can use totally free. calculator locker mobile application Provides you the latest security hide images photos and documents services into your cell phone.

Calculator locker apk download

You can easily install the calculator locker apk application on your cell phone with these few steps following. Let’s explain the steps which you have to follows for using calculator locker,

  • First of All click on the given play store application link ( Calculator locker Playstore )
  • After that now click to install button and wait few seconds. Some it takes 1 to 2 mins because of slow internet speed.
  • After the installing application into your cell phone. Now click on the desktop of your cell phone or open the front screen of your cell phone.
  • Here locate the calculator locker APK application and click to open button or double tap on the icon.
  • When you will click on the application it will be open on your cell phone.
  • Please write your password which you want to set to open your secret place for hiding images photos and documents.
  • After that simply add the files to the given folders.

It’s a way you can install and use your calculator locker apk.  For further details about the calculator locker apk download topic, you can put your comment into the post or playstore discission or review box.

Calculator locker apk Features

calculator locker apk Application based on many different features which are for the help of the user. many other applications also providing the same features about the same services. But we are providing the same services and same features in quality ways.

All the other application does not work perfectly. Sometimes that application suddenly stops your data. most of the applications have many difficult options for using the same application.  in this case, the user cant understand fully application options.

calculator locker apk providing an easy and smooth interface to the user. moreover, we are also giving full access to users to enjoy all the options. How any you can add all types of files into the secret palces. If you want to add any type of audio file you can also do this. Because we are also giving the options for hiding audio files.


Calculator locker Pro Plus is a free Android Application that you can use for hiding your personal data and other types of records. You can easily install this application from play store.


Photo Locker.

Video Locker.

Audio and all the mobile files locker.


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