Calculator vault apk

Calculator Apk is the application that provides a secure place for hiding images videos and other files on mobile. You can hide your personal records with calculator vault apk from others. Moreover, in these types of the application, you will get a higher new level of hiding places. For Example, no one can be trick out that this application is for hiding files.

Today in this article, We are going to explain all the details about the calculator vault apk. Let’s start with the amazing features of using calculator vault apk. We all know that when we take our photos and images on phone. These all the images save directly into the gallery and most of our friends firstly check our phone gallery without our permission.

many of the other types of secure lockers are available on google. You can choose any type of locker but one thing which you have not to remember is that all these lockers show as lockers on mobile phones. on the other side, the calculator locker looks like a calculator on a mobile phone. its means no one can easily understand that it’s a locker or calculator. All the calculator functions are also available in it.
Calculator Vault Apk uses in mobile phone
Lots of the best and easy use available calculator vault in mobile phone. Let’s explain some of the best uses of the calculator vault.

  • First of All, you can easily add your personal data to it.
  • You can add you are important documents into it without any long process follows.
  • You can hide your personal videos and other records easily.
  • All the Secret Documents you can easily hide into it.

Calculator vault apk

It’s a Complete application on our website. you can download it directly to playstore. All the options in the given application are free to use. Moreover, you can also get help from customer support any time anywhere. We are giving you the full customer support for using our application and also tech you that how you can use all the features of this applicaiton.


Calculator locker Pro Plus is a free Android Application that you can use for hiding your personal data and other types of records. You can easily install this application from play store.


Photo Locker.

Video Locker.

Audio and all the mobile files locker.


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