Inquire about the civil number

The civil number inquiry service with the unified number is one of the services provided by the Public Authority for Civil Information in the State of Kuwait to all resident expatriates so that they can obtain a civil number for use on many official government websites. As many of these sites rely on the civil … Read more

How to check work permit in Kuwait

work permit

The service of inquiring about a new work permit is one of the services that have been provided by the Public Authority for Manpower through its official website on the┬áInternet, and the Authority has also worked to provide many other electronic services to contribute to the economic growth within Kuwaiti territories, including the Small Enterprise … Read more

Ministry of Justice Kuwait Services

Ministry of Justice

The new website of the Ministry of Justice is used by citizens and residents in the State of Kuwait to inform about all cases that are submitted to the Ministry, and many of them go to this site to pay fines or fees for various causes as well, such as alimony issue, arrest, and habeas … Read more

Moe Kuwait Ministry of Education

Moe Kuwait Ministry of Education

The residency renewal service, the Moe Kuwait Ministry of Education, is one of the online services provided by the Kuwaiti Ministry to all expatriates working within its cadres, and we can use the aforementioned website to register new students in public schools as well, and the Ministry has also worked on launching an electronic box … Read more

Paci payment fees For Kuwait and Non Kuwaiti

paci payment

Fees for issuing a paci payment civil ID card in the State of Kuwait are paid directly through the official website of the Civil Information Authority, and this website also provides many inquiry services, including Inquiry about the readiness of the civil card and┬áinquiring about the paci payment civil number of residents through the passport … Read more

Emirates id Status & Renewals Process With Fees

The United Arab Emirates requires all its citizens to obtain an Emirates ID card, including Emiratis, members of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries and expatriates residing in the country. The Emirati identity is considered the newest and smartest in the world due to its characteristics and advantages. The importance of the identity is not limited … Read more

traffic violation ksa

traffic violation ksa & Traffic Fines Inquiry Inquiring about traffic violation ksa is one of the things that must always be searched for and paying any violations before starting any procedure inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as part of the great development that the Kingdom has witnessed over the past few years, where all … Read more