Civil id status Kuwait

Civil id status Kuwait you can check with these available methods. However, Kuwait is the biggest State and many of the branded organizations and companies are doing work here. Every Month or Year millions of People applied for visas for different work purposes. We all know that you can not enter any country without visa Approval. But many of us do not know that after the visa approval we must have the Civil id Kuwait. It’s a national identity card which prof that you’re the legal person in Kuwait. This civil is is based on your profession. This means whenever someone comes into Kuwait. It must be that he has to apply for a civil id in Kuwait. Today into this poes we are going to share the all details about the check civil id status Kuwait.

Id status Kuwait you can check with different available methods. In which you can each your civil id status Kuwait. However, this means you can verify the details about id card. It’s valid or expired. However, you can also check that your id card is applied or printed, etc.

Civil id status Kuwait Method 1 With

How you can check the id card status in Kuwait. You will learn from this article’s content. Here into this heading, all the details are available for the civil id status Kuwait. Anyhow if you can not find any use full details about for your self then you can check for another method, Because here in this article different methods are available for checking Kuwait id status. However, you can also check the civil id status Kuwait in this article. Where all the methods are related to status objections details are available.

Kuwait civil id status

Kuwait civil id status with is means you can check your id card status through the Offical online website portal. Where all the other details about all the different services are available. So, Let’s start the step about the Civil id status of Kuwait.

  • Go to the Offical website portal through Google by Search or civil id status. After that click on to search button.
  • After searching the Civil id status into google now please click on the first searching result. Which is also the same website that we mention ( You can also open the Website of Kuwait official portal for civil id status check through this Direct link ( Website Portal Kuwait ).
  • After opening this website address which is given into the Point. you will see a new webpage. Where you can see the available box of civil id status. Here also we show you the snapshot of this webpage below here. Where you have to write your civil id card number.


  • Here simply write your civil id card number and click to query button.
  • When you will click on the query button all the details will be at the front of your home screen.

In this way, you can check the civil id status. It’s the shortest way and easy way for civil id status Kuwait.

Civil id status Kuwait Method 2 With Paci Website

Paci is also the official website portal by the Kuwait government. Where you can check the details of the different services. However, you can also check the Civil id status of Kuwait through this Paci website portal. Here into the article heading area. You will read all about the Paci website portal civil id status check method Kuwait.
You can also check your civil through the website portal. This method is already explained in the first article heading. So, Now into this article Heading you will read through the paci website.

civil id status Kuwait through Paci

Paci is also a Fast and best website portal. Where we can check the different services however this website also provides you the method to check the civil id status. Civil id status details are already explained in the first article Phargraph where we explain that whats means civil id status means. However, it’s you can also check here that it means that view the details about your id card with one click. Here is the process to check the Civil id status through the Paci website portal.

  • First of all, you need to open the Kuwait official website portal Paci. It’s easy you can go to this website portal with this available website address. ( Paci Website Portal )
  • After opening the Paci website portal you can see this new¬† Type of Home screen on your current browsing device. This Snapshot of the current screen you can see below down here.
Paci civil id status Kuwait 1
Paci civil id status Kuwait 1
  • Here you have to write the Paci civil id number. You must write your id card number into the required box. After that click on the Submit button. After clicking on Submit Button all the details will show up. Here you can check the Civil id status Kuwait details. If any payment is available on your card then you can also see it here.
  • However here other different options are also available. But you have to select the First available tab.
  • This is an Easy and fully shortest method for civil id status Kuwait check. However, if you find any type of error then you can comment on us.

Civil id renewal Kuwait

If you want to process your Kuwait civil id renewal then it’s also a simple process that you can do on the Paci website portal. because this website portal also provides you with the Renewal process. If you want to reneniw your civil id status kuwait then you have to follow these available steps.

Civil id renewal Status Kuwait

Here the Few shortest steps are available for the renewal status of Kuwait civil id. You have to only follow these available steps.

  • First of All, you have to go Paci website portal through this available website address ( website Paci ).
  • It’s easy to open the Paci website portal for opening the webpage where you have to process the civil id renewal producers. After clicking on the Given website link you will see a new page that looks like this type. Its snapshot is available below down here.
Paci civil id status kuwait 2
Paci civil id status Kuwait 2
  • After opening the paci website portal you see this type of page. Where you have to select the second option. This option is also mentioned with a red arrow you can see it in the Snapshot.
  • Now after selecting this option please write your civil id number into the given box. now Press to submit button. After submit button pressing a details page will be open. Here you have to perform the further processes.
  • Now read all the information. like address and name nationality etc.
  • After that confirm the payment and click next. You are request for civil id will be process with these few steps.

In this way, you can check the civil id renewal. However, you can also perform this action on any mobile or laptop.