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Anyone can contact us through the play store given email address. or you can also comment us through the play store application review box. Where we will as possible as soon respond to your comment. After using the application please write a review of the application because by these reviews we can figure out how many users are happy with our application.
Otherwise in case of any trouble facing you can also contact us through email address by this website admin. it’s also our main website portal. where you can write your comments and other things.

You can also contact us through social media channels. For Example Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. these are the common social media channels. And easy for all of the users. You have to just search calculator locker pro plus and text us on these channels.

About us.

We are basically an Andriod application service providers in which you can use different types of applications. these all the applications are for free to use. Calculator locker Pro Plus| Hide Photo videos Chat is also one of them, In which you can hide your secret data from others. many other applications are also available then, Why is our application Calculator locker Pro Plus| Hide Photo videos Chat is best for us.?

Hide vs Calculator locker Pro Plus

The hide is an order application which is providing old types of functions on the other side our application is best with all the new functions and new options. in Hidex you can get few types of options on another side of our application giving you full access to the user for use best and easy use service.

Calculator locker vault vs Calculator locker Pro Plus

Calculator locker vault also providing you limited options for use of the application. but we are providing full and secure options for the user. Where users can use all the given options freely and easily.


Calculator locker Pro Plus is a free Android Application that you can use for hiding your personal data and other types of records. You can easily install this application from play store.


Photo Locker.

Video Locker.

Audio and all the mobile files locker.


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