How to calculate annual leave in Kuwait

The method of calculating the annual leave in Kuwait has been determined within the articles of the Labor Law, which is the law that regulates the relationship of the worker with the employer, and stipulates all the rights and duties that must be provided by the parties to the work contract on Kuwaiti lands. This law also stipulates the method for calculating annual leave if They were interspersed with holidays or public holidays, in addition to determining the number of days off when relatives died.

Kuwaiti Labor Law

The Kuwaiti Labor Law was issued during 2010 to regulate all the affairs that bind the worker with the employer on Kuwaiti lands. This law contains one hundred and fifty articles that fall into seven chapters. The first chapter talks about the general provisions for work and the second provides articles for employment, apprenticeships, and vocational training, while The third provides for the individual work contract and the fourth provides for the work system and conditions, while the fifth chapter provides for the social work relationship, the sixth provides for labor inspection and penalties, and the last chapter provides for final provisions.

Method of calculating annual leave in Kuwait

Said the General Authority for Manpower in the State of Kuwait that the method of calculating the annual paid holidays is by dividing the value of the monthly wage of an employee by the actual number of working days, as the Labor Law stipulates that the number of annual leave of thirty days, excluding public holidays and your sick leave that the worker is entitled during this period. 

The annual leave is interrupted by the Eid leave

Article seventy of the Labor Law stipulates that the worker shall have an annual leave of up to thirty days, and this article also stipulates that the days of sick leave and the days of the official vacation shall not be counted as holiday leave from the balance of these leave, and the worker is entitled to leave for fractions of the year in proportion to what he spent at work as well According to the mentioned article of the Labor Law.

Chapter Three of the Kuwaiti Labor Law stipulated all articles related to paid annual leave, which are the following:

  • Article 70: This article stipulates that the worker has the right to an annual paid leave of up to thirty days, and the worker is not entitled to any leave for the first year until at least nine months have passed in the service of the employer, and official holidays and sick leave days are not counted as part of The annual leave during which it occurs, and the worker is entitled to a leave for fractions of the year in proportion to what he spent at work, even if the first year of service was also.
  • Article 71: This article stipulates that the employer pays the worker the wages due for the annual leave before taking it.
  • Article 72: Article 72 of the Kuwaiti Labor Law stipulates that the employer has the right to set the date of the annual leave, and he may divide it with the worker’s consent after the first fourteen days of it. One payment after the approval of the employer. Annual leave may be accumulated for more than two years upon the approval of both parties.
  • Article 73: Article 73 states that the worker has the right to obtain monetary compensation for the days of his combined annual leave in the event that his contract ends, without prejudice to the text of Article seventy and the text of Article seventy-first.
  • Article 74: This article stipulates that waiving annual leave is not the right of the worker, whether this assignment is with or without compensation, and the employer may recover the wages paid to him on her behalf if it is proven that he worked with another employer during it, without prejudice to the provisions of Article seventy-two.
  • Article 75: Article 75 stipulates that an owner may grant a worker a paid study leave to obtain a higher qualification in his field of work, provided that the worker is obligated to work for him for a period similar to the period of the study leave, with a maximum of five years, and the worker is obligated to return the wages he received during the period The leave is in proportion to the remainder of the period that must be spent at work when this condition is violated.
  • Article 76: Article 76 stipulates that the worker – who has spent two continuous years in the service of the employer – has the right to a paid leave of up to twenty-one days to perform the Hajj, on the condition that the worker has not performed the obligatory duty before that.
  • Article 77: This article states that a worker has the right to leave with full pay for a period of three days upon the death of one of his first or second-degree relatives, and a Muslim worker whose husband dies has the right to several leave with full pay for a period of four months and ten days from the date of death, while A non-Muslim woman whose husband has died is entitled to a marriage of only twenty-one days.
  • Article 78: Article 78 stipulates that the employer has the right to grant a worker a paid leave in order to attend conferences and regular social and labor meetings, provided that the Minister issues a decision on the conditions and rules for granting this leave.
  • Article 79: The last article of the annual paid leave separation states that the employer has the right to grant the worker a special leave without pay, in contrast to the leave referred to in this chapter, upon the worker’s request.

The balance of annual leave for the public sector

All public sector employees in the State of Kuwait can follow the following steps in order to find out the balance of their remaining annual leave through the official website of the Civil Service Bureau on the Internet:

  • Go to the civil service portal “ from here ” directly.
  • Go to the login tab.
  • Enter the civil number and password, then click enter.
  • Click on Annual Leaves from the Automatic Services menu.
  • Check the data provided by the site to see the balance.

Many employees and workers in the State of Kuwait want to know how to calculate annual leave in Kuwait according to the Labor Law. Where this leave is calculated by dividing the value of the employee’s monthly salary divided by the actual working days, and it is worth noting that the worker is entitled to a paid leave for a period of thirty days for one year.

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