How to recharge Zain in Kuwait

The method of recharging Zain Kuwait credit is followed by the company’s customers to be able to make calls and browse the Internet after the expiration of their phone balance, and Zain has worked to provide many methods that customers can use to recharge the balance, and Zain works to provide many other services to its customers as well, including Zain Al-Khair service, which helps customers to donate to charitable organizations, a gracious service, in addition to the Darb service.

Zain Kuwait

Zain was established on Wednesday 11 Ramadan 1403 AH corresponding to June 22, 1983, AD, and it is one of the leading companies in the field of communications and Internet services, and it is the first mobile communication company in the Middle East, and Zain was also the first mobile communication company to provide its services Within Africa, this company is working to provide fifth-generation services that are characterized by the great speed in surfing the Internet.

How to recharge Zain Kuwait’s balance

Zain Kuwait has been keen to provide many ways that can help customers recharge their phone balance and pay their bills so that it can reach the largest number of customers easily, including Pay bills using the contract number and pay bills via the official Zain website on the Internet as follows:

Recharge Zain Kuwait with your travel service, Eezee

Zain Kuwait has worked to provide your eeZee trip service that helps customers recharge with Zain Saudi cards or Sri Lankan dialog cards when they are in these countries, by going to the contact interface then entering the number * 965 * the card number # and then pressing the send button The following conditions must be met to obtain this service:

  • The customer must have one of the prepaid lines and not the other lines and subscriptions.
  • The value of the loaded balance must be more than 20 Saudi riyals or 600 riyals.
  • The customer should agree to deduct 5% of the value of the card according to the value-added law when shipping from Saudi Arabia.

Zain recharge from the express payment service

Although there are several ways to recharge Zain Kuwait’s balance, there are many customers who prefer the fast charging method, as follows:

  • Go to the Zain Kuwait website “ from here ” directly.
  • Enter the phone number in the designated field for express payment.
  • Click on the pink payment icon now.
  • Wait for the bill details to be displayed.
  • Choose the appropriate payment method and follow the instructions.

Pay Zain bills through the official website

There are many people who pay Zain bills through the official website by following the following steps:

  • Go to the payment page on the Zain website “ from here ”.
  • Click on the Bill Pay tab.
  • Write the phone number in the designated field.
  • Click on the option to show the invoice.
  • Follow the instructions until completing the payment process.

Pay Zain bills using the contract number

Many citizens and residents of the State of Kuwait follow the following steps to pay the bill using the contract number:

  • Go to the express payment page ” from here ” directly.
  • Click on the option to pay using the contract number.
  • Wait for the site to load the system.
  • Write the contract number, then press the following icon.
  • Follow the instructions that appear on the screen.

Buy Zain credit from the app

The Zain Kuwait application has been launched to provide many services to customers with great ease, and here are the steps to purchase credit from this application:

  • Download the Zain app, then launch it and log in.
  • Click on the Pay Now icon from the application interface.
  • Choose the appropriate payment method, then agree to the terms.
  • Click on the Pay Now icon to complete the process.

Balance transfer service from Zain

Zain customers can obtain additional credit from another customer when they have sufficient balance, and it is one of the services that are available through the company’s application that is compatible with Android phones and iPhone phones, and this service can be obtained in several other ways as follows.

How to transfer the balance of Zain Kuwait

Zain Kuwait customers transfer the balance to other customers by following the following steps:

  • Go to the Zain app, then log in.
  • Click on the menu, then choose “Balance transfer.”
  • Choose the number from which we want to transfer the credit.
  • Determine the number to which we want to transfer the balance.
  • Enter the personal identification number for the transfer service.
  • Determine the amount we want to transfer, then transfer.

International balance transfer from Zain

International transfer service for Zain’s balance is available by following the following steps:

  • By calling * 909 # from the mobile.
  • Choose the amount of the balance we want to transfer from the list.
  • Confirm the amount, then wait until the transfer letter arrives.

All of the following conditions must be met in order to be able to transfer the international balance:

  • The transfer must be done from one of the prepaid lines.
  • The value of the transferred balance should not exceed 30 Kuwaiti dinars during the month.
  • The company allows 20 transfers for one month only.
  • The validity period of the line must exceed 45 days in order for the subscriber to transfer the balance.
  • The customer must complete the transfer process within thirty minutes.

Zain Kuwait packages prepaid

Zain Kuwait is working to provide five different packages as part of prepaid telecom services, which are the following packages:

KD 5 package KD 7 package KD 8 package KD 8 package KD 10 package
15GB internet 30GB internet 75GB internet 30GB internet 75GB internet
300 local minutes 300 local minutes __________________ 600 local minutes __________________

Many citizens and residents of the State of Kuwait want to know how to top up Zain Kuwait’s credit so that they can communicate with their friends and family. Where the company provides a lot of payment methods and balance charging, including Top-up the balance directly through the company’s official website on the Internet, as previously stated.

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