How to transfer Zain balance in Kuwait

The method of transferring Zain Kuwait’s balance is used by the company’s customers on a continuous basis so that they can send their balance to friends and family locally or internationally after meeting all the transfer conditions imposed by the company, and Zain Kuwait provides many other services to its customers, including Balance shipping service Over the internet or through the application that is compatible with IOS and Android as well.

Zain Kuwait

Zain works to provide various internet services in addition to communication services for all citizens and residents in the State of Kuwait, and it is also one of the international companies that provide its services in many countries of the Middle East and Africa, including the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Kingdom of Bahrain and the Republic of Iraq, and includes the Internet services that Zain is available on the fifth and fourth generation networks and optical fiber lines, also known as fiber.

How to transfer the balance of Zain Kuwait

Many Zain Kuwait customers take advantage of the local or international balance transfer service to be able to obtain additional credit when their balance runs out without any other means of filling the balance, and here are some of the steps that should be followed to transfer the balance:

Subscribe to the credit transfer service Zain Kuwait

All Zain Kuwait customers must activate the balance transfer service in order to be able to obtain the code for transfers, by following the following:

  • Local credit transfer: You must follow the following steps to register for the local credit transfer service.
    • Go to the Messages app from mobile.
    • Write the number 99998 in the designated field for the receiver.
    • Enter a registration word, then press the send button.
    • Keep the secret code to be used when transferring.
  • International balance transfer: Zain customers can transfer the international balance without the need to activate this service. Rather, the subscribers are satisfied with providing the other conditions as follows.

Transfer the balance of Zain Kuwait locally

The local balance is transferred between Zain customers as follows:

  • Go to the Zain app, then log in.
  • Click on the menu, then click on Balance Transfer.
  • Determine the number whose credit we want to transfer.
  • Choose the number we want to transfer the credit to.
  • Enter the balance transfer code, then choose the amount.
  • Click on the Transfer button to complete the process.

Zain international balance transfer

We can transfer the international balance from Zain prepaid lines by following the following steps:

  • Go to the messaging app from the mobile.
  • Type TR, then send it to 94009.
  • Choose the balance we want to transfer from the list.
  • Confirm the balance value by replying to the same message.
  • Wait for the confirmation message to arrive.

Conditions for transferring the balance of Zain Kuwait

There are many conditions that must be met in order for Zain Kuwait customers to transfer the balance to other customers, locally or internationally, and as follows all of these conditions.

Local balance transfer

All the following conditions must be met in order for Zain customers to transfer the balance locally:

  • An amount of 0.001 must remain after transferring from prepaid lines to complete the transfer.
  • Postpaid lines must have a validity period of more than 90 days to allow the balance to be transferred.
  • The value of the outstanding balance must fall below 50 dinars for postpaid lines in order to complete the transfer process.
  • The customer must agree to deduct the transferred balance and its validity period from his private subscription.

International balance transfer

There are several conditions for allowing the transfer of credit internationally by Zain Kuwait customers, and they are the following:

  • The international credit transfer service is limited to prepaid subscriptions only.
  • The value of the monthly transferred balance should not exceed 30 Kuwaiti dinars.
  • The company allows twenty transfers within one month only.
  • There must be at least 1 Kuwaiti Dinar remaining in the sender’s balance to complete the transfer process.

How to recharge Zain Kuwait’s balance

Zain Kuwait has been keen to provide many ways to recharge the balance, in order to reach the largest number of customers and serve them as required without any delay, and here are some of these methods.

Recharge Zain Kuwait with your travel service, Eezee

Zain customers benefit from the Eezee credit filling service when traveling to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia or traveling to Sri Lanka. This service helps us to use Saudi Zain recharge cards or Sri Lankan dialog cards, by going to the contact interface, then entering * 965 * card number # and clicking on the call button directly.

Pay Zain bills with quick payment

Zain is working to provide express payment service through its official website on the Internet, by following the following steps:

  • Go to the Zain website “ from here ” directly.
  • Type the phone number in the international format in the Quick Pay tab.
  • Click on the Pay Now icon after entering the number.
  • Choose the appropriate payment method when viewing the invoice, then follow the instructions.

Pay the Zain bill using the contract number

The payment service using the contact number is one of the services that Zain Kuwait provides to all customers, and we can move to this service and benefit from it as follows:

  • Go to the express payment page “ From Here ”.
  • Click on the Bill Pay tab.
  • Click on the option to pay using the contract number.
  • Write the contract number, then press Continue.
  • Follow the instructions to finish paying the bill.

Recharge Zain Kuwait’s balance from the app

We can download the Zain Kuwait application “ from here ” for iPhones and iPods, while it is downloaded “ from here ” for all smartphones and tablets running the Android system, and many of the company’s customers use the aforementioned application to charge the balance as follows:

  • Download Zain Kuwait to your mobile phone, then turn it on.
  • Complete the login process or create a new account.
  • Click on the Pay Now icon from the interface.
  • Determine the appropriate payment method for the application user.
  • Agree to the terms, then click on Pay Now.
  • Return to the main interface after charging.

Recharge Zain credit card with the code

Although there are several ways to charge the balance, there are many Zain customers who prefer to recharge using credit cards that are located in many approved stores, by following the following steps:

  • Go to one of the approved stores and purchase the appropriate card.
  • Scrape the card to get the shipping number.
  • Go to the phone contact interface.
  • Enter the code * 141 * card number # directly.
  • Verify the card number, then send the application.
  • Wait for the company to confirm the shipment.

Many Zain customers want to know how to transfer the balance of Zain Kuwait to other customers. As the company works to provide the service of a local and international transfer of the balance, and we can perform the local transfer process by going to the Zain app, then choosing the balance transfer service from the main menu and following the instructions that appear on the screen, and we can transfer the international balance by sending RT to the number 94009 as previously.

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