Ministry of Justice Kuwait Services

The new website of the Ministry of Justice is used by citizens and residents in the State of Kuwait to inform about all cases that are submitted to the Ministry, and many of them go to this site to pay fines or fees for various causes as well, such as alimony issue, arrest, and habeas corpus case, in addition to paying bail Appeals in its various forms, and the ministry works to provide many other services through the justice portal or through the application of the Ministry of Justice as well.

Kuwaiti Ministry of Justice

An Amiri Decree was issued to establish the Kuwaiti Ministry of Justice on Sunday 8 / Safar / 1399 AH corresponding to the date of January 7, 1979 CE, and this ministry is responsible for organizing all necessary means to settle disputes over land in Kuwait in addition to supervising prisons and all places that are used to implement judicial rulings. There are many other specialties of the ministry, such as providing technical expertise to various state agencies. 

The new Ministry of Justice website

The new website of the Kuwaiti Ministry of Justice has been launched so that all citizens and residents can learn about the ministry’s news constantly, in addition to learning about all the procedures that should be followed when submitting transactions at the ministry as well, and this site provides many electronic services, including judicial inquiry services in addition to Electronic payment services for various cases and employment services.

Ministry of Justice electronic services

Ministry of Justice
Ministry of Justice

The Ministry of Justice provides many electronic services through its new website on the Internet, in order to ensure the times of citizens and residents, in addition to its keenness not to be infected with any infectious diseases as well, and what follows are some of the services provided by this site.

Reserving appointments for the Ministry of Justice

It is imperative to book an appointment in advance before visiting any of the bodies or institutions affiliated with the Kuwaiti Ministry of Justice to ensure that the auditors are not overcrowded, in order to limit the spread of the new Corona epidemic in the lands of Kuwait, and the following steps are followed to book an appointment through the new website of the Ministry of Justice:

  • Go to the Ministry of Justice website ” from here ” directly.
  • Click on the appointment reservation system from the website interface.
  • Wait for Matta’s platform to load.
  • Enter the civil number and password, then log in.
  • Select Search for Services from the right side of the screen.
  • Clicking on the Ministry of Justice, then clicking on Services Category.
  • Select the services from the department we want to review.
  • Follow the instructions until finalizing the appointment.
  • Keep reservation information to be shown when needed.

Department of Justice Service Personnel

The website of the Kuwaiti Ministry of Justice contains many services provided to employees, including the following services:

  • Offers service: The Ministry of Justice works to provide many of the offers submitted to its employees in particular within this service, which can be accessed by clicking on employee services and then selecting offers directly.
  • E-mail service: E-mail is used by employees to be able to exchange business messages with great ease over the Internet.
  • Medical review follow-up service: This service was provided in cooperation with the Civil Service Bureau in the State of Kuwait to provide medical reviews very quickly and easily.

An inquiry about the issues of the Ministry of Justice

Many citizens and residents of Kuwait take the following steps to inquire about various issues:

  • Visit the website of the Ministry of Justice “ From here ”.
  • Choose online services from the main interface.
  • Click on the judicial inquiry service.
  • Determine the type of query, then enter the required information.
  • Click on the search button to view the case data.

Justice portal electronic payment

Payments are made electronically for all services provided by the Kuwaiti Ministry of Justice, by following the following steps:

  • Transfer to the ministry’s electronic services “ from here ”.
  • Click on Online Payment Service.
  • Select one of the available payment services.
  • Enter all the information required by the system.
  • Enter the email address if desired.
  • Click on the blue search icon.
  • Wait for the site to display the information.

Employment Services Ministry of Justice

The Kuwaiti Ministry of Justice is keen to provide many job opportunities for citizens, and the Ministry has worked to provide an electronic recruitment service for this purpose in particular, and we can move to this service by visiting the ministry’s website on the Internet and then clicking on employment services from the main interface to find all jobs Directly available.

Link to the new Ministry of Justice website

We can go to the new official website of the Kuwaiti Ministry of Justice “ From here ” to obtain all the electronic services that this website provides to citizens and residents alike, including appointment service, employment application service, and electronic payment service.

Many citizens and residents in the State of Kuwait want to know all the electronic services provided by the new website of the Ministry of Justice so that they can submit various transactions and pay the fees without having to visit any of the Ministry’s affiliates, and despite a large number of these services, the appointment reservation service is one of the most prominent. As well as the case inquiry service and the employment service as well.

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