Check MOI Qatar Status and inquiries online.

Smart Card

Official Documents Details and Official Documents Status checking Conforming you can also Do form this Website. Where you can also Fill the Form the for the Smart Card and also get the Status about the Smart Card. After getting the Smart Card you can also Active this Card form this Website or MOI. Company Partner ID Particular Details also you can check to form this Page. its a fully covered Details Page where you can check or know all that information which you want to check Here. The Request for the Smart Card is too much Simple where you have to Fill these Empty Lines For the Example, The Personal Number which is also the Visa number or ID Card Number. Nationality which is the Most important Step for any Service Getting in Qatar. The Current Business or Occupation also you have to Mention. And Date of birth also you have to Fill to this Website for The Smart Card. After it, you have to Select the Service age For Example 3 Years, One year or two years. Here the 3 Years Fees is 250 and 1 year 100 Riyals and 2 Year is 200 Riyals. Only the 18 years Plus Peron can get this card.

Visa and Tracking Status MOI.

All the Visa Details and Qatar visa info you can also Read form here. Where you can get the Status about the Approval and Dis Approval of visa. The Printing or the visa is also noted able point which you will only get from this website Platform. If you want to Extend you are a visit visa then you can also get this Helping service form this same website Portal. Where you have to just Fill some basics steps and Submit the Application. And then you can also track the information about your Application which you submitted.

Residence Permit and Services MOI.

E-Services MOI Qatar is the Basically a web-Portal E-Services Where you can perform Many of User Details about there own Profile Actions Process. Here you will get all the basic and Important services using on MOI with full details and Steps. Its a Fully online Website Services Portal Where you can read and Track down different types of Info with Given guide Lines. What can you Explore on this Platform? Here You can read about these Services For the Example, All the Residence and RP Details and Status you can check form this MOi Service. Where you have to Just Put the Personal ID or Visa Details or Any Approve Person form the Example Sponsor or Kafeel ID.

Exit and Entry Permit of Qatar with MOI.

In This Selection, you can read about the Leave Notification and form which is always you get that time when you want to go on leave in your Home town or Country. Basically, this Service Used for those people who form the Other Country and Doing here any Job. And also you can check the Status or Inquiry about your Leave Notifiacaiton form which you applied on this platform. Airport Entry Permit is also Important which you can also get from this Portal. With this, you can also track down the Rowais Entry Permit form this way. Hamad Port which is also Using basic service port you will get permit form this Website Portal. Domestic area and all the related info you will get also form here. Where you will read and get the steps about the Domestic Entry Permit.

Get new Drive-By the Qatar Officials for COVID-19 Testing your Self During Quarantine All the Requirement and way to Receive this Service Please read at the End of this Page.
  • Traffic Inquiries And All the Details about Vehicles You can Explore with This MOI. Details and Methods Explained Below Here.
  • Visa Services and Visa Details about any Type also Available Here. Steps and Ways Below in the article.
  • Exit and Entry Permit Details are also mentioned.
  • Residency Permits & Permit Inquiries written in the next paragraph.

How To Check Traffic Inquiries With MOL Qatar.?

You can Check Violations Traffic with 3 Different ways. Which is with ID Number, Vehicle Plate Number, and Company ID Number.
You can also read about the Kuwait ID and Kuwait ID status with Fully Info and Details.

Few important News or Notes about Qatar.

  • Qatar All incoming and Outgoing Airlines are Closed How Much Days Still Government did not Publish news about this. before this Closing Period Was 31 March.
  • Trans and Cargo Fights Still are Working.
  • Industry 1 and 31 Area is still closed for further Notice.

Step 1.

How to Check MOI Qatar Traffic Violations.
  • First Open the Web Link where you will get this Type of Screen.
  • Here Select any one option for Checking Your Details about Vehicle Violations.
  • Plate Number or ID number or Company ID Number these are the Common where you have to provide these details.
  • If you have the private own Vehicle which is mostly Person use Vehicle then please write the Vehicle Number Plate and then click to Submit.
  • After Clicking on Submit Button you will get the Whole details about your Vehicle.
more Qatar visa status Or All the info about this topic you can check above Down Here. Where Whole The Process is Given with Each of Step Description for More Details Checking You can Read Whole the Article. Moi Qatar exit permits Also the Basic Concept which Appears after This Term. Because mostly the People have not Basic Data about this one. They just Follow others to Check these Details. But Here you will get all the Details About this Heading. Where you will learn all the new Content about this One. And These all the Steps Which is Explained into Articles. All the based on shortly Steps For More understanding. Here You will get learn all about the MOI Qatar Details and Status which you can Easily Perform for each of the Following Steps.

How to change Expir Iqama in Qatar MOI.

Here you will get all the information about the Changing details Iqama in Moi Qatar. In other words, it Means to Say How to Change the residency to a new passport in Qatar. You have to Just Follow some Simple Steps which will help you to get these details with full status. Simply To Start the Process about this one you have to firstly open the main site of Moi Qatar which is also mention in this article.

Step 1.

How to change Expiry Iqama in Qatar MOI.
when you will open the main portal of this site you will get this type of area home screen where you have to select the E-Services. This Selection is also pointed out with a black arrow into the snapshot. Please view this and click on the E-Services Tab Selection.

Step 2.

When you will select the E-Services Tab you will Receive this type of New Windows. Where you have to just click on Login Button. Nothing more do anything on this page. Just Follow the Arrow which is Pointed with Green Color.

Step 3.

Now Note down your Smart Card Pin Means your Iqama Number which is also your Smart card. Here you have to Write your Iqama Number. Simply Write down here your full iqama Number and Click to Next or Continue.

Step 4.

Now a list will be opened on the page. Here you have to nothing click on any Company just click to next button.

Step 5.

Now Here you have to Follows Step by step 1 to 4 Steps. These all the Steps are Mention in the image guidelines. Where you have to start to form the first step means here you have to click on the Login Button. By this Action, you will get login into Moi Qatar without any Problem Facing. Now Click to Personal Details and Select the Company. After Selecting the Company option Now go for the Residency Services and after press this Icon. you will get a new window Where is step 4 is Mentioned. In 4 Step the Change Residency Service tab is Mentioned where the logo is also Created for this service now click on this tab.

Step 6.

Now Here you have to Write the Iqama number of that person which you want to change. In Step 1 Now here write the ID Number and then click to next. After Coming on Next Tab windows here you can read out all the information about that person. Simply Click to Edit Passport Details. And Here write your new Passport number and Details. All the other Information also Required here. For the Example Issue date Passport type and Reason for Changing you have to Select the Expiry. When You will Complete these all the queries now Add the Address of your Current Location. And Click to Q Postmark check. Remember Please write down the Clearly your Passport Number or Accurate. if you miss any Number your Application will Be Rejected.

Step 7.

Now After Doing all that steps Complete here you have to Provide the Scan Copies of your Passport. Means you can also Scan or take a photo by your cell phone. Take your Passport Photo back and front Both Passports old and new. And then Upload here, Now Comes to next step Where you can read out all the info which is you Modify and which is Previous Here Mark the Pointed Mention Box. And click to Pay. When You will click to the payment button a small Box will be Appear. Where you have to select the method. After it Provides the payment details for the Example the Master Card number CVC number and Clicks to Done Transactions. When you will Complete this Payment Method a Receipt will be auto Open on your Screen. You can Print out or save that receipt. How over you are Expiry Date now Changed. you can check to form it MOI Qatar.

How to cancel the Qatar Iqama card.?

Here the Complete Guide Lines about the Qatar Iqama Card Cancel Process. To Start the Steps Its important that this Service is only for those people who form Qatar or Using Qatar Service.

To Cancel the Iqama Card in Qatar you have to Open the MOI Qatar Web Portal Where all the Services Are Available. And You can check the Different Services form there. Simply Open that site, And login to your Profile.

You can See Login Steps From the Perious Heading Where the whole Process is Explained about the Passport Expiry Data Change.

  • Open The MOI Qatar web Service.
  • And then Click to E-Services this Tab is Already Mentioned on Web Services with the Same heading. You can also Check this Selection from MOI Qatar.
  • After Viewing The E-Service Selection page you will Receive another Windows Where you will get all the options into Arabic. Now Change the Language you can change the Language with Left side menu Bar where is the English Language Mentioned.
  • Now Click to log in button and Get write Here your Iqama Number or ID Card Number.
  • Now When you click to Login Details means when you log in your ID Card number. A Company List will be Opened. this List is all those companies which are Control under Kafeel.
  • Here Select That Company where is that person is working. whose you want to Cancel the Iqama Person.
  • And now click to next and here click to log in button.
  • Now Go to Again Personal and Here Select that Company Where is that person Working.
  • Click now on Residency Service for more steps Following complete.
  • Now Click to Cancel residency Service Where you have to Provide the Details about that person. Here write the Iqama number which you want to cancel.
  • When you Click to next the Name of Person and Expiry date of Iqama and Fees all the details will be Opened on the Screen. Here the 50 Qatari Currency will be you have to Pay for this Process.
  • Now here Provide the Payment details and Click to Complete.
  • In this way, you can Cancel Iqama or ID card in Qatar.

MOI Qatar Visa Services.

Here you can check the Visa Details or similar other information. For example, you can also Explore the Visa approval status, Visa printing, And visit Visa Extention.

Visa Approval Tracking Checking.

To Explore all the details about the Visa Approval please go to the given button. Where you will get the main Screen of web Portal.

  • Here Select The Visa Services and Then Click to the First Tab. Visa Approval Selection.
  • After Clicking on that Button you will Receive a new window. Where you have to Provide the Little bit details about the Application Number. Which is your visa form number And then the Date of Submission…
  • Sponsor id who issued you the visa or submit your application.
  • In the last Provide the country name where you form. And then Verify the image text into the box and Submit it.
  • After Submitting these Details the Visa status will appear on your screen.

Qatar Visa Printing.

Simple the same as before press the given button. And you will get that screen which you follow before for checking Approve status.

  • Here Now Choose the second Button Visa Printing. Then You will Get this Type of Windows which is Shows you into Article Snapshot.
  • Now Write visa number or Passport Number forget the Printout.
  • Country Selection is also important Select that country which you have.

But you can also check the MOI QATAR visa Details Through This way. Where you can Explore the all Details and info about this Area.Where you have to provide Some simple and Common details about your Documents.

MOI Qatar

Here you can see the whole Pattern of the Site where form you can get the Details about the MOI QATAR VISA Details.

First Colum Where the Arrow is Pointed to the Box here you have to Write the Visa Number which is You can get from the Application at the time of Visa Submission.

Or Other Wise you can also Check these info type by the Passport Number, This Passport Number Shows your Visa all details above your on Screen, Passport number always Mentioned on your Passport First page. its a type of ID Number. And you can Easily Track Down this Number form Your Passport. Simply Write down here.

Last Area where you have to Select the Nationality of your Self. Means Where you form or Where you form Belong. please Select your own Country.

After that provide the Secret Image code into Dynamic Box.its a Verification about your Human. So, Write down Here and after it Completing Please click to Submit Button.

After Submitting all info you will get a new pop up Windows where you can read all the Details about your Visa Qatar.


The Metrash2 is the way to check moi Qatar and seems like this type of action form the android platform. This means you can check these statuses through your mobile application. it’s the best way to get access to key terms and inquires which are you want to search.

Metrash2 moi Qatar mobile application also gives you all the details which you can directly access from the website portal. It’s a Facility for Those people who are can not know to use the online Website portal. Simply You have to get this service into your cell phone and then you can check all the status with this service.

Totally free Service and Totally simple service for using any person.



Moi traffic violation.

Moi traffic violation includes the Qatar Traffic Violations Queries. Where you can Search all the vehicles break rules queries. And here you can also check the vehicle other details. Basically all the vehicle details and queries you can search form here.

Moi Traffic Violation Term also Shows the Private and Local vehicle details. If you want to locate these all details please go to the main site of a web portal where you can check all the terms about this one.

Qatar is the State of Saudi Arabia Where also Working Different Queries and Terms online. For Example, if in Saudi Arabia you used Absher for Exploring The Details and info. Here you can do all these Details by this MOI QATAR.

  • Traffic Terms and Process Following Actions you can also Do by this MOI.
  • Visa Details and Update information about this one you can also check form this way,
  • The Validity of any service in Using Qatar you can Display by this Web Porta.
  • This Web portal has the all Selections area for Checking each tip and info about their own Services.
  • How Ever this Platform also Offering you to get any type of service which is available in Qatar.

Any type of Vehicles Details, For Example, if you want to Check the Vehicle Details and traffic Terms about any Vehicle then you can also Check form this way.

Qatar MOI.

Qatar MOI is the Whole new Concept about the E-Services only Details Exploring. Where you can Check Directly any type of Details About your Profile. Means Traffic Violations or Visa information How over you can Also Get some Services Through This Web portal.

Exit and Re-Entry Permit Type info also you can get from here. When this Web portal Comes online many of the Problems Sloves for the people of Qatar. Because before this web portal the Person who wants any info about their own Servies He has Follows many Documents. or Lines Queries. Which also has the harder Rules Applied. But By this Way, you can also save your Time and get Fast Results.

Here Some Basic and Common Inquiries Which you can use by this Web portal in Qatar.

Leave Application Form by the MOI Qatar inquiry this Service provides you with the whole line for the Leaving. In this way, you can get your Leave and also go for your own Country with the Process method.

Here also another main Process Method which is Mostly Commonly used in Qatar Means to Say Airport inquiry which is too much Important.

And You Can Easily Do This Action Process Through this Web portal. How Over if You want to get any medical Details or Status about Your Self. then you can Also Perform these all Actions Through this Web Portal.

more Qatar exit permit Details Already mentioned in this Article. But if you’re Still want to Know about More then. Please go to the Site of Qatar MOI Where you will get all the New Details about this Selection. And This Selection has also a whole new Portal. Where all the Details About This Heading Saved.

moi Qatar visa tracking Details and all the Data about Tracking MOI Qatar is Belongs to here in this Article. Mostly the User Just Checked the Heading for taking an overview of the Article. And this way they can not get actual Details about there own Search. So, to get any method for using These Services firstly read out the Whole Article and then Do any Process.

moi traffic violation inquiry Qatar

The Short and Save Method to check this Term you can only get from this Article. it’s our main Point that Shows all the Save and Time-Saving Methods to the User. because Long methods Always take Many Problems and Do not Show the Accurate data about your Search Terms.

All the updates about this Page or Content Done by us every week. If any new Update you want to get form this Page, Then Please visit this Site on a regular basis.

And all the same, like Queries about Print of Documents, form MOI Qatar also Available you can check to form the article. The Whole Method is Explained with Fully Details.

Get New Service Drive at home for Testing COVID-19 in Qatar.

During these Days the Qatar officials lanched a new Drive Service for Testing COVID-19 in Your Home. This Service is only Available for Those People Who are Fully Complete Mentioned Requirments. These requirements are mentioned below down Here.

  • All that People can take this Service or Help to Call this Service Who are Come in Qatar between 10 to March to 31 March form Other Countries.
  • Also, take this Service those persons who signed the Quarantine Document for 14 Days.
  • Persons Who are Directly Comes to Home in Qatar and Still not Completed Her or his Tests of COVID-19 They also Use or take help for this drive.

Who to Register or Take this service.?

You have to Just Dial the help number 160 60 And Choose the Menu Option 2. You have to Collect some info about your self when you will Dial this Help number becuase the Customer care ask about this info For the Example,

  • You are Full name Which is also Written on your Qatar ID.
  • And You are Qatar ID Number.
  • You Are Contacting Phone Number Home or Personal Cell Number.
  • Address Details fully with accurate.
  • Date When you return to Qatar.
  • fight Number Which you used for Returning at Home.

For Further any Details about the COVID-19, You can call at this number 1600 0 and ask any info about this topic.

Quarantine At Home.

During this Difficult time here Some suggestion and ways to Secure your quarantine At home, Please Read all the Giving guidelines for saving Your self and your family by the MOI Qatar Website Portal Service,

  • Now a Days Stay At home in Sprite or your own Room which is also separate from Family members.
  • Use everything separately by the family members. for Example bathroom Etc.
  • Do not meet or allows others to your Room or Home.
  • Always use your Phone if you want to Connect someone and do not allow to use your phones to other Family members.
  • Only get one of Family members who care about you means take any food or medicines.
  • Use Face Mask when you’re talking to someone other.
  • Use hand Washes every 3 Mins. When Ever you go for the bathroom or anything other.
  • Do not share your things with others.
  • Eat your Food or some things this type of anything in your room.

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