Pay VIVA Kuwait bill

We must pay VIVA Kuwait bills to be able to obtain the services provided by this company on an ongoing basis and not to face any problems while using these services; Viva has worked to provide many payment methods to reach the largest segment of beneficiaries, including payment via the official electronic application or payment via the company’s website.

Viva Kuwait Company

VIVA Kuwait was established in 2008 to provide many mobile telecommunications services in addition to Internet services, and the company developed during the following years to become the most technologically advanced Kuwaiti telecommunications company, and the name of this company was changed to STC in 2019 after a decision to do so was issued by STC Saudi Arabia, which owns 74% of VIVA’s capital, and we can go to the following page “ from here ” to find out the locations of the mentioned company’s branches in Kuwait.

Pay Viva Kuwait bills

There are many methods that can be followed to pay FIFA Kuwait bills, including paying bills using the application that is compatible with the IOS and Android system or paying bills via the official FIFA website on the Internet, and some of these methods come in detail.

Recharge Viva Kuwait from the company’s branches

Although there are several ways to charge the balance via the Internet, there are many customers who prefer to pay directly through the company’s branches located in various regions and governorates, as a result of these customers ’unwillingness to use electronic payment methods for fear that their bank information will be breached. Steps to find the nearest VIVA Kuwait branch:

  • Go to the official website of the company “ from here ” directly.
  • Click on Help and Support, then choose where to find us.
  • Select the appropriate category from the dropdown list.
  • See the map to find the right branch.
  • Visit the required branch and pay the bill directly.

Recharge Viva Kuwait from recharge cards

VIVA Kuwait provides recharge cards in many approved stores within the State of Kuwait so that customers can use these cards and add the required balance very easily, and we can recharge these cards by entering the code * 500 * card number #, then pressing the call icon from the phone that uses the chip Required, as we can find all authorized STC Kuwait distributors ” here ” directly.

Recharge Viva credit through the website

Many customers of VIVA Kuwait pay bills or charge the balance through the company’s website on the Internet, by following the following steps:

  • Go to the FIFA Kuwait website ” from here ” directly.
  • Click on the Support and Help option from the top.
  • Choose the payment method, then click on Learn more than the Pay your bills tab.
  • Enter the subscriber’s number, then write the amount that we wish to pay.
  • Select the card type from the designated drop-down list.
  • Click on the continue pink icon.
  • Enter the required payment information, then agree to the terms.
  • Click on the continue icon and follow the instructions to complete the process.

How to recharge FIFA Kuwait balance from the application

There are many citizens and residents who work to recharge FIFA Kuwait’s balance using the application that is compatible with smartphones, and we can download the aforementioned application “ from here ” for all smartphones and tablets running the Android system while it is downloaded “ from here ” for iPhones and iPads, The following are the steps for recharging FIFA Kuwait’s credit through the application:

  • Download the application, then launch it and log in.
  • Click on the express payment service from the main interface.
  • Write the subscription number in the designated field.
  • Choose the appropriate payment method, then follow the instructions.

Top-up Viva credit for suspended lines

The service of charging the suspended lines is one of the electronic services that VIVA Kuwait provides to all customers through its official website on the Internet, by following the following steps:

  • Visit the VIVA Kuwait website “ from here ”.
  • Selecting support and assistance, then switching to payment methods.
  • Go to the payment tab for suspended lines, then click on “Know more”.
  • Select the appropriate search method from the drop-down list.
  • Write the ID number in the specified field, then press Search.
  • Follow the instructions that appear on the screen to complete the payment process.

Inquire about viva Kuwait bill by steps

VIVA Kuwait has provided several methods that enable its customers to inquire about their bills, and the following is one of these methods:

  • Go to the FIFA Kuwait website “ from here ”.
  • Click on Online Technical Support Service.
  • Contact the customer services employee to inquire about the bill.
  • Wait for the clerk to provide us with the value of the bill.

FIFA Kuwait Offers

VIVA Kuwait is keen to provide many offers on a continuous basis to all its customers in order to maintain their confidence, and here are some of the offers made by this company:

  • Post-paid offers: FIFA Kuwait offers several offers related to urgent payment subscriptions; All customers can get a HUAWEI MatePad Pro when subscribing to one of the post-paid packages whose monthly subscription is 20 dinars with 1TB for the internet, 22 dinars with 2TB for the internet, or 26 dinars with unlimited download capacity.
  • Prepaid offers: VIVA Kuwait customers can get the digital allo package for 6 Kuwaiti dinars through the company’s website or official application, in order to get 300GB of the internet in addition to 2,000 minutes inside the network with 50 minutes for other networks, knowing that the validity of this card continues Only up to 30 days.
  • Internet offers: VIVA Kuwait is distinguished by providing many Internet services that depend on high-speed optical fibers, and the company’s offers include subscriptions that start from 10 Kuwaiti dinars up to 18 Kuwaiti dinars with storage capacity starting from 1TB as well.
  • Roaming subscription offers: This type of offer is used when customers travel from the State of Kuwait to one of the other countries; The company provides many roaming offers that start at 7 Kuwaiti dinars.

Viva Kuwait customer service number

The number 102 has been designated to communicate with the customer service team by VIVA Kuwait, in order to answer all inquiries and questions in addition to receiving complaints and suggestions, and there are many customers who prefer to communicate with the company through its official account on the Twitter site for social communication ” from here ” directly.

Link to pay Viva Kuwait bills

We can go to the Viva Kuwait bill payment page on the Internet “ from here ” directly to select the appropriate payment method in addition to determining the value of the invoice and then complete the payment process without the need to visit any of the company’s branches.

Many citizens and residents of the State of Kuwait want to know how to pay VIVA Kuwait bills over the Internet. As these bills are paid by going to the payment page, then entering the subscription number and the subscription value that we want to specify, followed by selecting the method of payment, and then follow the instructions that appear on the screen as above.

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